We want to sell only to you, no reseller!



We like to speak to you directly, to meet you in our boutique, to advise you. This is intrinsic to Amalthea purpose. We want to sell only to you, no reseller. You will therefore not find your Amalthea beauty routine in any other shop

We do everything to offer you the maximum freshness for our products. When you buy an Amalthea product, you know when it was produced, when the batch was opened, when the product was filled and until when we recommend to use it. This freshness would be very difficult to respect if we have resellers. There is at least one year passing between the production date and the purchase date in traditional cosmetics sale channel, which is more than the recommended duration of our products

Our values ​​are the reason we exist. We do not want our products to be next to other products that do not have the same commitments than us. You will be as lost than us

We also priced our products to be the most fair for you and for us, with no reseller. Our prices reflect our commitments: committed to a safe & sustainable environment for Humans and Nature, filled & refilled in our boutique, freshness of products, vegan products, glass bottles (fewer preservatives), made in France

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