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Accessory of the moment « under the stars »
Moment « body and soul »
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Our vision

The discovery box has three moments for skincare and one moment for bodycare for your skin type in travel size. The moment « under the stars » includes two oils, the moment « body and soul » one oil and one body lotion

Moment Amalthea Moment « at dawn »

The rich hydrating cream hydrates deeply your skin, in the morning, while protecting it from pollution

Discovery box: dry & mature skin Discovery box: dry & mature skin Discovery box: dry & mature skin Discovery box: dry & mature skin Discovery box: dry & mature skin Discovery box: dry & mature skin Discovery box: dry & mature skin
Discovery box | Amalthea

Moment Amalthea Moment « between dusk and dawn »

Before you go to bed, the cleansing oil gently removes impurities and makeup, while improving the condition of your skin thanks to the properties of the Plum and Sweet Almond oils

Moment Amalthea Moment « under the stars »

In the evening after cleansing your skin, the Gold-of-Pleasure oil reactivates and heals it. With high concentration in linoleic and alpha-linolenic acids, fatty acids not synthesized by the organism but key to the integrity of the cell wall, the Gold-of-Pleasure oil softens and blooms your skin. Sometimes the skin reveals a few surprises. That's why we suggest you to try the Plum oil, the closest to your skin type. Very rich in oleic acid, the Plum oil nourishes, softens and protects your skin. It is the best ally against dry skin

Moment « body and soul »

After your shower, your body needs to be hydrated. We offer you to discover the Sweet Almond oil and one of our body lotions. The Sweet Almond Oil is recommended for very dry to normal skin. Thanks to the Lemon Verbena flower water, the body lotions help refining your skin. The rich body lotion is recommended for dry skin, the body lotion for normal skin. Both are great hand creams. No sticky effect!

Customer Reviews

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Une belle decouverte !

J'ai offert le coffret decouverte a ma mere - elle a adore les produits.
Le coffret et les produits sont simples, propres, elegants. Les ingredients sont sains, les packagings minimalistes donnent confiance, et la formule avec flacons rechargeables donne l impression de faire un geste sain pour la sante comme pour l environnement. Coffret recommande pour decouvrir la marque ! On revient avec plaisir !

Une très belle manière de découvir Amalthea

Je l'ai commandé il y a quelques semaines déjà. J'en suis ravie. J'ai pu découvrir tous les produits pour mon type de peau. Je les adore!

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