Laure, facialist

After beginning her career in operational marketing for cosmetics and perfume brands, Laure made the choice in 2020 to begin training as a face specialist to give more meaning to her daily life while remaining in a field that she likes, the holistic beauty

Facial massage improves physical and mental wellbeing. Laure particularly appreciates the wellbeing she brings and is happy to share with you her right gestures for each moment of our skincare routine

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Anne-Gabrielle, mental wellbeing specialist

Curious, passionate about people & collective intelligence, Anne-Gabrielle Saint-Joigny cultivates a humanist approach, exploring and deepening for more than 20 years her knowledge and understanding of both ancestral wisdom and the latest research in modern science

Human being is the center of her approach. First trained as a Certified Integrative Coach and Mindfulness Meditation Instructor (qualified MBSR), Anne-Gabrielle has expanded her knowledge by trainings in psychology, yoga, shamanism & more recently at EMDR

In the Amalthea apartment, Anne-Gabrielle will guide you to live every moment mindfully. Through practical exercises, she will help you to integrate a process that will reconnect you to your inner beauty by awakening your senses. Anne-Gabrielle combines ancestral sciences, such as meditation, mudras & the latest discoveries in neuroscience. Each treatment is a tailor-made proposal to take care of yourself & open up to new possibilities

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