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After launching our portrait series with | Marine | in early July, I am happy to present you Valérie

But before, I have to talk to you about Karine. It has been a pleasure to see her at the boutique for almost 5 years. Her support means a lot to us. Karine recommends us to her friends, to her family,... And one Saturday in May 2021, she came with her friend Valérie

Once I helped Valérie to find her skincare routine for her skin type, Valérie became loyal and then an annual subscriber

Her strong personality and her quest for excellence impress me. I wasn't surprised when she told me about her career change as a coach. She specializes in leadership and assertiveness coaching for women

I let you read below our discussion about her journey, what drives her in her work and why she is loyal to Amalthea

Why did you motivate for your career change? What led you to coaching?

For 20 years, I practiced what we call a passion profession: audiovisual journalism. I had the chance to help people express their truth, their life experience, their vision of the world

with Jean-Luc Delarue, Mireille Dumas, Julien Courbet and also, to allow them to express their talents for shows like Top Chef on M6. At 38, I had a click: I was spending all my energy and time on my job. My work/life balance was totally out of whack. The audiovisual world is demanding and time-consuming and I forgot myself!
I decided to take a skills assessment and understood that what had driven me all these years was the desire to help people dare to say who they are and assert themselves in the eyes of others, express their truth and their worldview
I trained and was certified as a coach. For 4 years now, I have been supporting people to become (again) leaders of their lives. Today my support is aimed at committed business women who want to reveal their full potential. They strive for excellence in all areas, they are courageous and determined. However, sometimes they lose their energy, they are no longer able to manage their personal lives, they fade away instead of allowing themselves to shine
My support allows them to unblock what prevents them from being fully themselves, from being aligned. It is often a belief created during childhood and that we carry with us into adulthood for a reason that our minds do not understand

Why are you specialized in coaching for women?

I chose to support women who aim for excellence, glamour and serenity because I know them well. In my previous life, I evolved in an environment where these women are very present. We also find them in entrepreneurship, they are self-employed, or they are business leaders. They want to feel good about themselves and their lives, they love beauty in all its forms: beautiful places, pleasant and zen atmospheres and also to be beautiful by taking care of themselves. Externally and internally

« Women's worst enemy is women » - what does this quote from Sapienza mean to you?

This sentence inspires me what happens in coaching. At the beginning, the women I support are their own brakes, they are in hyper control, in perfectionism. And they produce and maintain in spite of themselves what they fear. They are aware that they have something blocking them but they don't know how to get out of it...
During the support, they understand that they have the keys to unblocking their situation. They connect to their personal power, their energy, their creative abilities and their talents. In the end, they know that they are their best ally and that their power is in her. From being an enemy to themselves, they become their own best support

Why have you been loyal to Amalthea?

I discovered Amalthea thanks to my friends 3 years ago now. I am loyal to the brand because the promise is kept. I like quality and authenticity. The brand is part of values ​​that correspond to me: respect for nature, simplicity and efficiency
The products are nice to use, both for the texture and the smell. The design is clean, simple and beautiful
The products that are part of my routine: the rich day creamthe light cleansing oil and the cleansing water, and the Hibiscus oil. I have recently started to use the rich shampoo and the Plum oil which reveal and reboost my curls after each shampoo

Website: valerielamorlette.com

Photos by Lucas Soubigou-Marie and Amalthea

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