Gift Box | Body Cleanser & Care

Gift Box | Body Cleanser & Care

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Moment « body and soul »

This gift box includes one of our body cleansers and one body care in 200ml size. Both lasts c. 2 months

For the cleanser, you choose between Huile lavante, our shower oil, and Nettoyant corps, our shower gel. For the bodycare, you choose between Lait hydratant riche, our rich body lotion, and Huile d'Amande Douce, our Sweet Almond oil

Huile lavante | Shower oil

The shower oil cleanses your body very gently thanks to its two cleansing ingredients which are respectful of your skin and Nature. The shower oil leaves your skin soft after the shower. With more than 80% of Gold-of-Pleasure oil, the shower oil helps your skin elasticity and nourishes it. Huile lavante is perfect for very dry to dry skin

Gift Box | Body Cleanser & Care Gift Box | Body Cleanser & Care Gift Box | Body Cleanser & Care
Gift Box | Body Cleanser & Care

Nettoyant corps | Shower gel

With only safe ingredients which respect the skin and Nature, the Nettoyant corps gently cleanses your body. Our emulsifying ingredients combined with gentle cleansing ingredients wash while respecting your microbiome and enjoying a compact foam. The Orange Blossom flower water naturally perfumes your skin. The concentration in Sweet Almond oil leaves your body soft after cleansing

Lait hydratant riche | Rich body lotion

The rich body lotion lets your skin protected and hydrated thanks to its concentration in Plum oil and Sweet Almond oil. This is the perfect after-sun lotion. The Lemon Verbena flower water has an anti-cellulite effect, refining your skin. The gel-like texture brings freshness to your skin. No sticky effect guaranteed!

Huile d'Amande Douce | Sweet Almond oil

Smooth and rich, the Sweet Almond oil is used for its skin-softening and -soothing properties. Its high concentration in oleic acid let your skin deeply nourished. The linoleic acid regenerates and restructures your skin. The oil is the best ally for your body

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