Castor oil



Spoiler we still don't know why it is called castor oil - there is no relationship whatsoever with the cute beavers 

When we worked on the process of our hair formulas, we discussed the relevance of using castor oil

Presented as an oil that promotes hair growth while strengthening it, castor oil initially seemed interesting. So we decided to find out more about this oil

Castor oil comes from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant, a plant native to tropical Africa. This species is considered invasive in certain tropical areas. Its seeds are poison

Castor oil thus contains | ricinoleic acid | which alters the intestinal mucosa and causes significant losses of water and mineral salts, hence its intense and irritating purgative action. Ingesting castor beans poses serious risks to adults and children who are even more at risk

Therefore we absolutely don't want to contribute to this plant growing. When ingested, castor oil presents a risk for these consumers. In its cultivated state, the plant is dangerous for the surrounding populations

Cheap and of plant origin, the presence of castor oil makes it possible to obtain a certain % of natural origin. Therefore you find this oil in many products such as beard oils, eyelash products but also lip balms

It was during lip care workshops that I discovered that several cosmetic brands use castor oil in their lip balms, to my great astonishment. It should be forbidden in regards of the risks

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