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Many of you ask if we recommend double cleansing, scrub or exfoliation. This type of cleansing destabilizes your skin

The aggressive ingredients, inside this type of products, have an abrasive effect on your face. So the more you clean your skin with these products, the more your skin is destabilized, the more it is prone to imperfections and skin problems. By scrubbing or exfoliating your skin, you also remove epidermis layer, accelerating the skin aging

Their impact on the environment is also negative. These products (except organic scrubs which use fruit kernels) contain microbeads in plastic which are not biodegradable and are then eaten by fishes. The COSMOS regulations have just banned the use of microbeads in PLA (corn-based plastic) for this reason. We are very happy about this change

We recommend to use your moment « between dusk and dawn » by massaging your face with your fingertips for a deep and gentle cleansing. You will find | here | the right gestures in video

Take care

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