Eight days in Norway



This summer, I wanted to go trekking again, preferably in the middle of nowhere. Hiking in total autonomy for 7 days in Iceland was the best decision of 2016. I discovered there a great pleasure to go back to the roots, a great sense of freedom and breathtaking landscapes. The slightest pleasure or comfort becomes immense joy. Here, the Nature dictates its law. When I left Iceland, I promised myself to discover the Scandinavian countries. Finnish mosquitoes scare me, I quickly set my sights on the center of Norway known for its beautiful treks and mountains

1st & 2nd days

Oslo is only 2h30 away from Paris by flight. During this first day, I discovered the city, its hiking shops, and its restaurants

Fiskeriet Youngstorget, Youngstorget 2b
Mesh | Backyard, Tordenskiolds gate 3

The next day, we leave early for Dombas by train. 4 hours later, we take a bus to Grimsdalshytta, a cabin in the Dovre National Park. The landscapes are superb. The lichen colors the mountains with a palette of greens. A hike around the cabin stretches our legs.

We spend the end of afternoon in the living room of the cabin that looks straight out of a decoration book. The cabin concept in Norway is more like a comfortable hotel. Dinner is served at the table with products from the nearby farm, as the breakfast. I admire their cabins. We are far, very far away from basic tent holidays. Fortunately the mobile network is limited to the cabin entrance (when the network works)

3rd day

To Hageseter

5 hours of hiking under a bright sun. We could not start this trek better

Hageseter is a cabin not far away from the road. There are more people and mobile homes all around. Norwegians enjoy spending time there in summer and winter. The surrounding small mountains serve as a ski touring area

4th day

To Konsvold Fjellstue

Landscapes change significantly. We arrive in a more mountainous region. The rain not far away offers us one of the most beautiful rainbow of our life

After 6 hours of hiking, we are happy to arrive in this small traditional hotel, founded in the late eighteenth century

5th day

Kongsvold Fljellstue is the starting point for Muskox safaris, originally from Artic. Our guide is completely passionate and goes straight to the plateau. 600 or 800 meters higher, completely breathless, I also fall under the spell of these Muskox. Three young Muskox are playing quietly in front of us. They are huge, completely harmless as long as a distance of 200m of safety is respected

After a good half hour of observation, we leave the guide to hike to Reinheim, a self-service cabin in the middle of nowhere

A little before we get there, we see a family of Muskox, with babies, to our delight. Reinheim is a magical place, completely wild

The water is from the river. Heating is a wood fire. No network. The guardian of the shelter fights every year to keep his place. I understand. The landscapes around are magical

6th & 7th days

To Snoheim

The weather is good. We decided to hike to Snohetta, the highest mountain in the Dovrefjell region (2286m). 4 hours later, the 360 ​​° view of the area was well worth the steep hike

For the last 400m, we left our backpacks. What a great idea! Once retrieved, we go down to Snoheim cabin

The next day, the weather has completely changed. Mist, wind and rain are out. We choose to hike alongside Snohetta for a 5 hour hike. The Muskox were there. Not unhappy to find back the warmth of the cabin!

8th day

To Paris

First a bus to Hjerkinn and then a train to Oslo Airport

9pm I am home in Paris with a sweet nostalgia of the Norwegian mountains left this morning

Please find more information on | DNT website, the Norway hiking association |

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