How to apply your shampoo?



When we started working on the development of our shampoos, I realized that I was using my shampoo incorrectly. I used to apply it to my scalp and my hair lengths

In fact, only our scalp needs cleansing. Therefore we don't need to apply shampoo to our lengths

I recommend to apply your shampoo (3 pumps of the 200ml, 8 to 10 pumps with the other bottles) all over your scalp then massage it with wet fingertips. The shampoo will emulsify and create a compact foam. All you have to do then is rinse

When rinsing, the shampoo will flow over your hair lengths and thus give them the active ingredients they need

If there is no foam, I recommend you to make a second shampoo with 2 pumps of the 200ml (or 4 pumps with the other bottles). Foam guaranteed :)

Have a good shampoo

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