Our skin is a reflection of our health. The water we daily drink determines the hydration of our skin. For a healthy body, it is recommended to drink 1.5L per day or more, especially during hot weather

We recommend you to go with the tap water. You can filter it with charcoal, add lemon, hibiscus flowers or thyme and wander with your infused water

The city of Paris set up a | map | of the merchants who agree to refill your water bottle for free and public fountains. We are happy to be part of it. If you visit us, please feel free to ask us 

Stainless steel water bottles are the only truly safe option. We advise you to avoid plastic ones and paper cups full of eternal chemicals, very toxic for us and Nature

With the heat, we lose more water. We therefore advise you to listen carefully to your skin and to apply your | day cream | in the evening before your | oil | if you feel the need

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