It has been hot, really hot lately



June was the hottest month ever recorded in the world. In France, the absolute record of heat was exceeded with 45.9°C last week. I never thought of having to experience temperatures close to 40°C in Paris

These heat spikes are all warnings about global warming. The waste of packaging saddens me deeply. 80% of the plastic produced ends up at best in landfills, if not in nature. The land, freshwater and oceans of the planet are contaminated by macro, micro and nano-plastics, | according to a recent wwf study

Therefore, at Amalthea, all our bottles are refillable and in glass. The top of our bottles are reusable. We limit our use of plastic as much as possible. We also offer to refill your bottles. The environment is winning, just like your wallet. No more bottles to pay!

We can do it thanks to each of you who every day support us, refill and recommend us to your friends, your family ... We are so lucky to have you. Thank you so much!

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