Our commitments




Key in our approach, the freshness of our products offers you:

  • a better effect on your skin
  • a better sensorial experience

It also allows us to put fewer preservatives in our products

We want to offer you the most efficient and safest products

Vegan products

Except our face creams, all our products are vegan

We use, in our face creams, a derivative of beeswax, the Polyglyceryl-3 beeswax, as an ingredient. It is part of our Emulium Mellifera MB active. We chose this active agent for its unique properties (anti-pollution film, adaptive natural emulsifying to skin types)

We are deeply convinced that plants have all the active ingredients we need

We are animal lovers

Glass, an environmental packaging

Only 26% of plastics in France are recycled

Only PET has a recycling branch but to produce recycled PET, you need new PET to ensure a good quality of plastic

We only use glass for our bottle and limit to the maximum our use of plastic

We want to be part of a more sustainable and environmental-friendly way of consumption

Bottle, fewer preservatives

We do not offer any jar because it presents a greater risk of microbacteria because of the contact of the air and your skin with the product

We only use bottles to minimize contact (air, skin) with our products, which also allows us to have a lower level of preservatives

We have thus chosen our container for the safety of your skin

Made in France

All our face creams, body lotion and cleansers are made in France in a small laboratory specialized in natural origin ingredients

We prefer vegetable oils cold-pressed in France

We also work with a French weaver for our organic cotton bags

We are committed to the French know-how, which is unique in the cosmetics industry


Transparency is at the center of our approach

We want our customers to understand and know what they put on their skin

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