PFAS, the « forever chemicals »



PFAS, the « forever chemicals » | To avoid

Our situation sometimes turns in absurdity. We are indeed good at finding solutions that turn out to be even more dangerous

In their quest to display more responsible packaging based on paper and cardboard but with the same properties as plastic, the large chemical companies created the « forever chemicals » toxic to humans and nature

Their name, PFAS, may not tell you much, but these chemicals are unfortunately found everywhere: in our blood, our body, water, Nature,... Endocrine disruptors, but also obesity, diabetes, liver disorders, low birth weight, testicular and kidney cancer, or reduced immune response to vaccines: the | list of negative effects | of PFAS on our health is long

Molded plant fiber products made from sugar cane contain the most. Yet presented as an alternative to single-use, biodegradable and/or compostable plastic, these packaging are a danger to Nature and our health

While Denmark has banned its use since 2020, the European Union has published in April 2022 a | restrictions roadmap |to eliminate the most dangerous chemicals for health and the environment from consumer products, including PFAS, by 2030. Unfortunately lobbies make | the EU regulation abandon their project | in October 2022. The | United States legislation | has recently demanded to conduct more research on the health effects of the toxic « forever chemicals »

To limit your exposure to PFAS, we recommend you to avoid as much as possible waterproof food packaging, cosmetics and make-up labeled « water resistant »

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