Skin advice for a good summer



Plum oil | Natural after-sun skincare

In summer, our body is losing more water, especially if you sunbathe. It matters therefore to stay well hydrated throughout the day. If you don't like water, you can infuse it with mint leaves, thyme, lemon and thus benefit from a different taste and the plants actives

If you feel your skin drier than usual, I recommend you to apply your cream | moment« at dawn » | before your oil | moment« under the stars » | in the evening. For your body, | lait hydratant riche - rich body lotion | and | lait hydratant - body lotion | bring the hydration (and the freshness) your body needs while nourishing it. I recommend the rich body lotion if your skin is rather dry to very dry. You can also apply | Sweet Almond oil | if very dry skin

UVs are sometimes misleading. UVB tans the skin, UVA is carcinogenic. When purchasing your sunscreen, I advise you to check the UVA index. You will find | here | more information on the sun and the skin

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