Skin cycle



Understanding the skin cycle helps you to better apprehend your skin

During the night, the skin renews - during the day, it protects itself. You have thus a great impact on your skin with our two night moments and help your skin for greater protection with our moment « at dawn »

We recommend you to cleanse your face at the end of the day before applying your night oil. While applying your moment « between dusk and dawn », using your fingers is the best way to cleanse your skin deep while respecting your skin's microbiome. If you cleanse your face in the morning, you partially (completely if you use an aggressive cleanser) remove the work that the skin has done overnight

Your moment « under the stars » brings to your skin the fatty acids that it needs

Applying oil to skin that naturally generates a lot of sebum can be scary. Far from making the skin oilier, our Rose Hip oil nourishes the skin just like it needs to be leading to a decrease of sebum generation. The skin will then rebalance itself over time. If, on the other hand, you try to dry your skin, it will generate more sebum to defend itself

The skin completely renews itself in about 3 weeks. This is the time you need to give it to have the full benefits of your skincare routine

The more you apply gentle ingredients and products with a Ph aligned with your skin's (around 5), the more your skin will maintain its balance. Conversely, micellar waters, exfoliation, tonics, hard soaps,... are products that destabilize it

Your skin reflects also your emotions, your sleep, your diet. It helps to better understand your body and your emotions. I recommend you to adjust your skincare routine according to the skin changes by:
- increasing/decreasing the quantity of day cream and night oil
- applying the night oil also in the morning if dryness despite an increase in cream quantity
- applying the cream before the oil in the evening if you are low in water

If after these changes your skin is not balanced again, we will need to change your routine together. Feel free to contact me or come to the boutique

Either way, it's important to remember that it's completely normal to have fine lines, wrinkles, pimples... Talking about perfect skin is a nonsense

At Amalthea, we make you the promise of a safe skin, far from any guilt

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