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Solar Impulse | Labeled Solution

We are thrilled to announce you that Amalthea is one of the 1000+ solutions to fight global warming labeled by Solar Impulse. We are the first and only skincare brand to have this label

Our solution leads to a CO2 emissions reduction of +90% and a saving of €2 000 for you over a 5-year period 

The Solar Impulse Foundation was founded by Bertrand Piccard who has always advocated that solving climate change – rather than an expensive problem – is a fantastic market opportunity. They have identified 1000+ clean and profitable solutions. Each solution has been assessed by independent experts for their environmental and profitability performance 

Please click | here | to explore the labeled solutions for a sustainable world, a true source of inspiration!

We think that everything is connected. Taking care of Nature is also taking care of yourself. The reverse is just as true. Our refill system has a real impact on the environment and also reduces the price of our moments. Safe for us & Nature! 

Thank you so much to be part of this adventure! 

Alexandre - Amadeus & Maryll

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