Some ideas to celebrate our moms

Alexandre - Amadeus

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In France, we declare our love to our moms on 7 June. To help you in your search for gifts, here are some ideas

A letter written by hand. It will reconnect your mom with the time when she was excited waiting for her mail and when the choice of paper, pen, words were all their importance

"Women and Power: A Manifesto," by Mary Beard who explains why we don't associate the female voice with power. This book opened my eyes to our inner mechanisms, old from ancient Greece. She will never hear the female voice like before!

Your physical presence. Even with a mask, you will be able to read happiness in her eyes

You can also add in one moment or the Amalthea routine. We will be very happy and proud to take part somehow in the happiness of your mom

We have a special thought for all those who lost their mom. She is always by your side

Take care

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