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We hope that you had a nice week-end

The sun has arrived in Paris and its UV index from 6 to 7
The question of sunscreen arises if you sunbathe or walk outdoors for a long time. | WHO | recommends to put some if UV index is 3 or higher

You can find the UV index level on your weather app or on the WHO SunSmart app which gives you the hours when it is recommended to protect yourself from the sun

Clothing, hat, sunglasses and shade are necessary to protect your skin and eyes. Sunscreen is not enough. In addition, whatever SPF index you choose, the filter has an effect for 2 hours only. It must therefore be applied regularly and after each swim

The shelf life of sunscreens after opening is a few months. We advise you not to reuse your sunscreen from one year to the next

Our | rich body lotion | is the perfect after-sun lotion. It nourishes and hydrates your body. Bonus, it refreshes the skin thanks to its gel-like texture
Our  | 200ml bottles | have a new pump. This dispenses more quantity by pressure

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