Talc | Possible health issues

Talc is a clay mineral composed of hydrated magnesium silicate, mainly extracted in France in Ariège but also in Canada, the United States,... It is well-known for its anti-perspirant and anti-redness qualities. Talc is often called « baby powder »  

Following the most recent scientific reviews, | the final review of talc made by Canada | found two possible health issues :
- may be harmful to our lungs if you breathe in loose powder products - the risk is even greater for babies as mentioned by | the German risk assessment institute |
- may cause ovarian cancer when using products with talc in the genital area

Talc does not pose a health risk from products such as food, paint, paper, ceramics,...

| Toxic Beauty | documentary follows the journey of women, suffering from ovarian cancer following a daily use of talc, in their fight against Johnson & Johnson. Following these lawsuits, J&J has withdrawn its « Baby Powder » product from sale in the United States and Canada since 2020. You can find more information on the journey of these women | here |

Unfortunately, we still find this famous « baby powder » everywhere : at the pharmacy, in hair removal salons,... I am convinced that this will change soon

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