The body balance



The body balance is not always easy to find and keep. Agnès Roseau, osteopath, shares with us her vision of the body and our inner energies

Osteopath, how did you come to take into account the energies of the body in understanding and treating your patients' problems?
The goal of osteopathy is to restore the articular, visceral and tissue mobility of the body in order to find again its full capacities for self-regulation and self-defense. It aspires to restore homeostasis, to restore its self-healing power to the body
Since the beginning of my practice I have been sensitive to the emotions of my patients, sometimes to their energies. While practicing, it appeared to me that the ailments of the patients did not necessarily have only a mechanical cause. I sometimes felt thermal or vibratory differences between certain areas of the body. Despite osteopathic treatment, the results were sometimes not fully satisfactory
So I got interested. Through various trainings, readings and meetings, I learned that the physical body was not the only one to define an individual, that there were also other energy bodies as well as energy centers. If they are disturbed, they can lead to physical and emotional pain. In addition, our body is constantly subjected to external aggressions and depending on our vitality, our environment and lifestyle, we manage them more or less well

It gave me an answer in this direction and a plus to also help the body of my patients to do it. I therefore integrated this energy dimension into the care of my osteopathic patients. And I realized that it could help cure certain ailments that osteopathy alone did not happen and that it responded even more, for me, to this concept of wholeness, to take the body in all its components
By restoring the vital energy of the patient by the release of energy points or emotional zones, by the harmonization of the chakras and subtle bodies, we also help the body to regain its full balance

What energies do we have in the body ?

Everything is made of energy. It is made up of atoms, protons, electrons all vibrating together at different frequencies
We are therefore energetic phenomena. Our body is made up of an entire energy circuit within which the vital energy circulates. In each of us there is a universal vital energy with which we are born and which we nourish. It has a powerful influence on our health and well-being. It governs our physical health but is also responsible for our mental and emotional balance. Our vital energy radiates around our body (aura) by the radiation of our subtle bodies. All the energies that pass through us will constitute our aura. It is a subtle light energy that surrounds our physical body and forms a powerful electromagnetic field

It serves as a shield against attacks from the outside world and also allows the exchange of energy with our environment. It is through the aura and our energy bodies that the various external and cosmic energy exchanges are made with our body. These external energies pass through before being absorbed by our chakras and circulating in our physical body through energy channels, and vice versa. Our body works like a receiver receiving cosmic energy as well as energy from the Earth and these energies come together at our solar plexus
The aura consists of seven energy bodies or subtle bodies. They vibrate at different frequencies and envelop each other. Each is powered by the energy of the chakra to which it is connected. The chakras are powerful wheel-like energy centers each with a unique vibration. They are arranged along the spine from its base to the top of the head. There are seven major ones, places of connection to the subtle bodies to which they are intimately linked, recovering their energy to transmit it to the physical body and nourish our vital energy and vice versa
Each chakra is associated with a color, element, organ, endocrine gland, and physical and emotional functions. Their functioning has a direct influence on our health, both mental and physical, because they circulate energy and regulate it

What do you recommend to make the energies circulate well in our body?

There are many factors in our life that can disrupt our energy bodies and chakras and which, in turn, can lead to emotional, mental and physical discomforts. Tears, holes in the subtle bodies are frequent and cause energy leaks, disorders, imbalances. To maintain the harmony of our energy centers and therefore have good vital energy, it is important to have a balanced and varied diet, to practice a minimum of physical activity, to have a good restful sleep and to evolve in a healthy environment
It is good sometimes to take short breaks, to disconnect to refocus and work on your own energy, alone or with people with whom you feel good, through meditation or relaxation therapy, while spending a moment of calm. to read or listen to music, do something that makes us happy and soothes our body and mind such as relaxation. Good deep breathing is also essential for the proper functioning of the chakras that feed on it
Spending time in nature also allows you to recharge your batteries. Doing things mindfully whether walking, eating, etc. feeds our energy. Practices like yoga, reiki, tai chi, chi gong can help release tensions that can hinder the proper flow of energies and harmonize our chakras. If you are unable to restore your balance, you can also consult a practitioner in this field who will help you find your harmony. Optimizing the circulation of our vital energy allows our body to regenerate and better defend itself

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