Tifany, a source of inspiration



Tifany Huot-Marchand, the best French short track speed skater, is so inspiring. Her mental strength and her courage impress us

At the beginning of October, she suffered a terrible accident in the Netherlands during a selection competition for the World Cup. During the semi-finals, Tifany was overtaking when one of her opponents stalled, dragging her down. Victim of a C5 cervical fracture, Tifany finds herself paralyzed. Defying all predictions, she should return to the ice in June at the same time as the other athletes of the French team

We are happy to share with you what motivates Tifany in life

What motivates you in life? Where do you get your mental strength and courage from?
« What motivates me in life is to do what I like, to live from my passion. Today, what helps me to surpass myself is the goals I set for myself, and mostly getting back on the ice »

What does Amalthea inspire you?
« Amalthea inspires me with simplicity and nature, which are very important to me. We don't need much to be happy. You have to focus on the essentials and nature. It's the same with Amalthea and that's why I like it. Values ​​that I share»

Many thanks Tifany for your trust

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