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Reusable face mask protects you and other people you interact with. If both people wear a category 2 mask (the weakest), even if one of the two people is sick, the healthy person is 90% protected. | Le Monde | made a simple graphism explaining this mutual protection

This protection level even increases to 95% for category 1 face masks, even when the sick person is the only one to wear a mask. It is the fabric used for the mask which determines the category. You can find on the AFNOR website | mask categories by fabric | . Overall it is recommended to have three layers and choose a natural fabric, such as cotton sheets, for your face mask

There are two types of face mask recommended by AFNOR including the three-ply mask, which is quite simple to make at home without a sewing machine. AFNOR makes available on its website | the mask pattern |

Before you start sewing your mask, I recommend that you do the candle test which consists of blowing through the layers of fabric, that you intend yo use for the mask, on the flame of a candle. If it does not go out, your mask complies

Once you have your fabric and your pattern, you have one last step: sewing it. You can find a video | here | how to do it. They use a sewing machine but it is possible to do with just a needle. For the attachment of elastic bands or fabric straps, be careful to sew them inwards so that you can turn your mask over and hide the seams

An opening of 4cm is there to be able to put a filter inside your mask. Please do not put a coffee or vacuum cleaner filter, you may inhale irritating substances

You can also buy your reusable face mask. Some are certified. We decided to buy ours | at Noyoco | . Their masks are category 1 certified

A mask has a lifespan of 4 hours. Once put on your face, you can no longer touch it. To remove it, you need to take the mask by the elastic bands behind your ears (much easier than the elastic bands that go around the head)

Once removed, you can put it in a closed bag before putting it in the washing machine. It is | recommended | to wash it alone at 60°C for 30 minutes and then dry it in a dryer. Air drying or the use of a hairdryer is not recommended


Wearing a mask every day may be difficult for your skin. We advise you to put some oil on your face especially on the masked area before putting on your mask

The mask should not make you forget to stay 1.50m away from the other person and wash your hands very regularly

Take care!

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