We love animals too much to do tests on them



Many of you are asking us if our products have been tested on animals. We love animals too much to consider such tests 

In March 2013, the European Union banned animal testing for cosmetic ingredients and products. However a cosmetic ingredient can be tested on animals if it is also used in pharmaceuticals, detergents or food products

So we contacted all our suppliers to verify that none of our ingredients were tested on animals. Some have been able to guarantee it, others guarantee that no test has been done for a cosmetic purpose. They refuse to give us more information to our greatest regret

As optimists, we hope that the next few years will offer more transparency

Unlike the European Union, China requires that imported and special-purpose cosmetic products be tested on animals (physically sold in stores). Regulation is changing. In April, Chinese authorities allowed methods to replace certain animal tests. It's moving in the right direction! 

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