What are the benefits of Chamomile flower water?



Chamomile flower water | Organic | What are the skincare and haircare benefits of Chamomile flower water?

Chamomile flower water is obtained by the distillation of the plant's flowers. On the one hand, we obtain the essential oil, on the other, the flower water which is in fact the residual water containing a small percentage of essential oil

We source our Chamomile flower water from a French distillery that uses only chamomile grown in France and produces a 100% organic flower water

This flower water is of particular interest to us for its soothing, anti-inflammatory and purifying properties. It brings an immediate feeling of comfort to the skin and scalp

You find the Chamomile flower water in our | moment « at dawn », i.e. our day creams | and in our | shampoos |

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