Why are we communicating that we are « safe » and not « free » ?



A positive vision of cosmetics

In my life, I prefer to focus on the positive aspects. I believe a lot in the virtuous circle of positive thoughts. I eliminate negative ones as much as possible 

    I would like to promote a positive beauty where women and men don't feel guilty about their appearance or their choice of products, beauty routines  

    Therefore I prefer to talk to you about safe cosmetics and not ingredient-free cosmetics

    Safe cosmetics

    Security is a priority when developing our formulas. We want to offer you products without any risk to your health. You can find more details by | clicking here |

    I could provide you the list of all the ingredients that I do not want to use and that I sent to the labs. This counts more than 50 ingredients

    We are convinced that you prefer that we tell you about our ingredients than the ingredients we have excluded. We explain all our ingredients | here |

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