Why do we not sell rose quartz?



I recently watched a | video | about the dark reality of rose quartz, polished then to be sold as gua sha and roller, skincare accessories

Rose quartz are mined in Brazil and Madagascar. The boom for this type of stones leads to a human and environmental disaster

Tess McClaure, journalist at The Guardian, had investigated in Madagascar. Exploited, mine workers (often children) work there for a few cents in dangerous conditions where there is no security. You can find her full article by clicking | here |. These mines also destroy the environment and make the soil infertile

Good news - you don't need these accessories to have an effect on your face. There is nothing more effective than face massage accompanied by the right vegetable oil | for your skin |. We called our night oils | moment « under the stars » | to highlight the mental and physical benefits of self-massage

If you want to learn the right gestures, Laure, our facialist, will be happy to welcome you in our Apartment for a | session to learn and experiment the right gestures |. You can also enjoy the benefits of a facial massage by booking our facial treatments | moment « at dawn » | for an immediate glow (30 minute treatment) or | moment « under the stars » | for greater efficiency (1 hour treatment)

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