Why do we plan to develop no sunscreen in the coming years?



concerns around sunscreen

In the coming years, we are not going to develop any sunscreen for the following reasons

Each SPF presents a potential risk for your health, even mineral filters (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide). Scientific study showed the development of cancer tumor in mices after being exposed to titanium dioxide via inhalation

They all have a negative effect on the environment. When we go into the water, 25% of our cream stay there. You surely know the effect of certain chemical filters on coral bleaching. It seems that titanium dioxide stops the growth of young plankton which is very problematic. Plankton is the basis of marine food. This risk is all the more important for mineral filters with nanoparticles

We wish that a safer solution for Humans and the Nature will be found in the coming years

Meanwhile we recommend you to use a sunscreen with mineral filters, organic certified, with the highest % natural possible, without perfume and essential oil ideally. Everyone chooses which risk to take. The most important thing is to make your choices knowing the advantages and the risks

We also use this time to remind you that no sunscreen is « ocean-friendly »

As mentioned previously, all the SPF have a negative impact on the environment. The biodegradability of the formula is also to be taken into account (many synthetic ingredients are not). Last point - plastic packaging can't be good for the oceans

To live in harmony with the sun during summer time, here is our advice

Avoid sunbathing from 11am to 4pm
Stay in the shadow - it protects you partially
Protect your skin from UVA (which are responsible for skin cancer) and UVB - clothes and hats can be very sun protective
Wear a t-shirt or a swimming suit in the water
Apply your sunscreen every two hours maximum
Drink a lot of water
Put your sunglasses on to protect your eyes
After sunbathing, hydrate and nourish your skin (face & body)

Take care

mineral filters

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