Why do we use the word « scent » and not « perfume » ?



Rich body lotion | Scent

At Amalthea, we love talking about scent and not perfume

You can actually smell our vegetable oils and flower waters which are inside our moments. We love these natural scents which remind you a souvenir, like a Proust madeleine, and which fade after few seconds

Just with the smell, you can recognize the main ingredients of each moment. For instance, the body lotion gives to your skin a gourmet note (thanks to our Plum oil inside) with the freshness of unspoiled walking paths (thanks to our Lemon Verbena flower water). Did you recognize yours?

We believe in safe cosmetics, without perfume or essential oil which by their very strong smell completely cover the scent of the other ingredients and present potential risks for your health

In the ingredients'list, the perfume is most of the time something very vague where there is no transparency. Mainly synthetic, the perfume represents potential health risks like toxicity for your organs and allergen

In organic cosmetics, the only authorized perfumes are essential oils. Very powerful, they interact with all your organs. Apart from being allergenic, certain essential oils (such as lavender or tea tree) present risks of endocrine disruptor. Please find | here | the link of the article published in September 2019

You can recognize the allergens in the ingredients'list by their name which often ends with «al» or «ol». To name some, you have Cinnamal, Citral, Citronellol, Limonene or Linanool

Perfume, like some essential oils, is photosensitizing. We advise you to be careful when you take the sun to avoid stains on the skin

Take care

Rich hydrating cream | Scent

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