Your questions about our shampoos



I am happy to share with you below the answers of the most recurring questions about our shampoo line

Do shampoos foam?
Yes they do :) I advise you to gently start making shampoos foam while rubbing your wet hands with 6-8 pumps. Water is needed to emulsify the shampoos  

Which shampoo is good for my hair?
Our | Shampoing | is dedicated to oily to normal hair, while our | Shampoing riche | (rich shampoo) to dry hair. If you have curly or afro hair, we recommend you the | Shampoing riche |. The concentration in Plum oil is perfect for this type of hair

Do I need a hair conditioner or mask?
After using our shampoos, the hair is soft, silky and easily detangled. You don't need thus a hair conditioner or mask except if you have afro hair. We will develop one specifically for this hair type

My hair is drier than usual. What can I do?
First I will recommend you to make two shampoos in a row and apply some | rich body lotion | (few pomps on the lengths) before rinsing. If your hair type is dry, I recommend you to use also | Gold-of-Pleasure oil | (not if your hair is blonde or tinted) or | Sweet Almond oil | on dry hair lengths. If your hair is very dry, our | Plum oil | is perfect

How much cleansing ingredients are as % total ingredients?
Our shampoos have less than 20% of cleansing ingredients. Your hair doesn't need more. Liquid shampoos usually have around 40-60%, bar shampoos 60-80%

Should I expect a transition from my usual shampoo?
You might need some transition time if you are using a bar shampoo due to high level of cleansing ingredients. I recommend you to give minimum 3 weeks to your hair to see the full results of our shampoos

How long will last the bottles?
I advise you to shampoo every 3-4 days with 6-12 pumps each time. The 30ml bottle lasts c.3 weeks, the 100ml bottle lasts c. 2 months

Is it possible to pay in local currency online?
You can now select your local currency online (the choose button is at the bottom of the website). In our Parisian boutique, you can have tax refund (20% off) from €100 spent

Please let us know if you have any other question

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