Byrdie | Beard Oil vs. Beard Balm: Which Is Better for a Clean Look? »

The beard is a quintessential way to express your confidence. Whether you're trying to emulate your favorite celeb, looking to gain some edge at work, or simply wanting to look and feel your best, growing out and caring for your facial hair can provide a major boost. Major players in the grooming space know this well and have responded to market demand with a full range of treatments and solutions to help with caring for beard hair and the surrounding area. Yet with the dizzying, ever-increasing array of options from both established brands (think King C. Gillette) and startups (like Badass Beard Club), where is the best place to start?

This multipurpose sweet almond oil has a high concentration in oleic acids, which help with skin softening and regeneration. Apply it to your beard or any area of your body that needs soothing

Publishing date : August 2022


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