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In this age of aver more complicated regimens, Amalthea’s daily three-step face care routine is refreshingly straightforward

With her enviably radiant complexion, Maryll Beaux, the founder of Amalthea, a year-old Paris-based skincare line, is her own best endorsement. But, as the self-professed beauty junkie will tell you, it wasn't always that way. From her early teens, Beaux found herself trying dozens of French products and still battling the usual skin problems. Inspired to create her own skincare line, Beaux did her due diligence and found that the effects of chemicals, even in the most touted luxury products, ranged from skin irritation to organ toxicity and worse

Amalthea's credo – simple, safe, organic – is taken so seriously that some products contain only a single ingredient. “The fewer products you put on your skin, the better your skin condition will be”, says Beaux. “We have only good ingredients – when I say good, that means no perfumes, no silicones, no sulphites, and no harmful preservatives.”

Release date: September 2019

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