Bottles, yes, but beautiful... and sustainable

39 Rue des Gravilliers, Paris 3rd. This is here, in the boutique-laboratory, that Amalthea fills and refills its skincare and bodycare products - "simple, safe and biodegradable" - for more than two years now. "It seemed completely delusional to me to throw away bottles. I wanted packaging in glass, says Maryll Beaux, the founder. Each bottle is numbered. It allows a perfect tracking". The customer has its bottle "for life", purchased only the first time

Two choices for the refill: in the boutique which takes approximately fifteen minutes, or by mail, in a reusable cardboard box, with free shipping. "We then come to clean, sterilize and refill using dispensers specially developed. All this process is made in compliance with the same standards as a traditional laboratory", explains the former financial professional.

Publishing date : January 2021


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