Hyaluronic acid



We hear a lot about hyaluronic acid

You have naturally this acid in your body. This is a major component of your skin. It fills the inter-cellular gaps and participates in the hydration and the cohesion of the cells. Over the years, we are losing it over time, mainly due to our UV exposure

The hyaluronic acid used in cosmetics was historically produced from rooster combs. Now it is mainly produced by bacterial fermentation. Please find out more | here | about the production process 

The efficiency of synthetic hyaluronic acid on the skin hydration has never been proved. | Some testimonials | complain of dryness. It is recommended not to use it if you have dry skin

Root vegetables, leafy greens and soy products but also fruits rich in vitamin C like oranges or strawberries (it's the beginning of the season in France :)) are rich in hyalorunic acid

Therefore you don't find this acid in our Amalthea products

Stay safe, stay at home

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