Our place

The boutique, at 39 rue des Gravilliers in the 3rd arrondissement in Paris, is there to make you discover our universe and to meet you. We are happy to welcome you there and to identify together your skin type and your needs. This is also where we have our space to fill and refill our products

We have also workshops there. Please find all the information | here |

In order to easily meet you, we made the choice to install our office in the boutique. We also prepare there the online orders. Please come by!

During this unusual situation, the boutique is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 2pm to 7pm. Feel free to call us on + 33 1 70 23 75 35


Amalthea boutique | Window display



Amalthea boutique

Our dispensers

Our commitment to the Nature has determined how we sell the products

Selling our products through dispensers allows the simple use of the refill. It also has the advantage of allowing us to better manage our inventories and guarantee you a unique freshness

We gave special care to the design of our dispensers. With a very pure shape, they were designed with great concern for the cosmetic industry requirements



Our organic cotton bags

For your first purchase, we are delighted to offer you a organic cotton bag made in France. For sustainability purpose, we invite you to reuse it when you come back to our boutique for new purchases

If you have forgotten your tote bag or want to have more than one, they are for sale in our Parisian boutique

Organic cotton bag made in France

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