We are committed to a safe 
and sustainable consumption toward you and the Nature.
All our bottles and accessories are refillable

Refillable cosmetics

The concept

Once you finish your product, you can refill it again in our boutique in Paris or online by mail. You no longer pay your bottle, i.e. €5 less for the 15ml size, €7.50 for the 30ml, €10 for the 50ml and €15 for the 100ml. Once received in our boutique, your bottle is cleaned, sterilized and then refilled again

For the mailing, we invite you to reuse the cardboard box and its case, offered on your first purchase. If the box is damaged, we will change it for free. We offer you the transportation costs (if you are in France, from €40 spent in Europe and €100 in the rest of the world) to encourage you to refill your bottles!

If you need information on your bottle, you can find all its history by sending your bottle number by email to or by calling us at + 33 1 70 23 75 35 . The number allows us to track the production date, the packaging date and the better use before date of your product



How does it work online? 

  1. You receive your Amalthea moments
  2. Once finished, initiate a refill online and generate a label | here | if you are in France or Europe (we send you directly the label by e-mail for the other countries)
  3. Send us your empty bottles
  4. Once received, your bottles are cleaned, sterilized and refilled
  5. We ship your refilled bottles in the original packaging

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