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You discovered in October | Valérie | who helps women to achieve their best. This month, I am excited to introduce Sylvie to you

When we did the Made in France fair in 2019 for the first time, the Amalthea booth was a few meters away from a display of calissons and other delicacies from the South of France managed by Sylvie. You can't imagine the number of boxes I bought during these 4 days at the fair

Almond pastes, made with melons and oranges, covered with icing, calissons are my mother's guilty pleasure. There is always a box at home. Having grown up among the calissons, I can assure you that Sylvie's ones are worth the detour  

Sylvie is the great-granddaughter of Epiphanie, who created in 1880 Fruidoraix, a house of artisanal confectionery in Aix-en-Provence. Today a Living Heritage Company, Fruidoraix is ​​a family business where the daughters succeed to their mothers

I'll let you discover below my discussion with Sylvie who tells us about the family history, her love for confectionery and how to transform a festive table with the 13 Christmas desserts

Would you mind to present us Fruidoraix and your family story ?

Our company, located in Eguilles, in Provence, is committed to respecting artisanal manufacturing. Between tradition and creations, we open the doors to you and invite you to share our family passion
Since the beginning in 1880, four generations of women have succeeded one another. My great-grandmother Epiphanie was innovative and adventurous. Being a woman at the head of a business at that time was not as easy as that. She loved cooking and sharing her taste for good products. A palette of natural colors and flavors with southern accents. Pretty products, little treats... from calissons from Aix en Provence, to traditional nougats and some original flavors, dark or milk chocolate carefully selected, a collection full of sweets
We perpetuate an artisanal profession. The selection and choice of raw materials constitutes an essential step in the manufacturing of all our creations. Committed to an approach of respecting the environment, we have established partnerships with our suppliers in order to reduce the impact on the planet. We favor artisan producers in our region, our packaging is biosourced and biodegradable

Was taking over the business an obvious choice?

I very quickly understood that I had to keep the family company going. My great-grandmother passed on to me this need to create, to innovate, to share. It was important that all the efforts made by each of my ancestors were used to preserve this gourmet heritage by making it evolve

How do you see the future of Fruidoraix?

Gluttony is universal, each region has its own culinary richness. It is essential to maintain this link with our history but also to adapt it to our environment. The consumer aspires for his health to be able to access less sugary confectionery

What is your favorite candy? Do you have any advice for a successful meal for this holiday season?

In our collection, the traditional southern black nougat is my favorite. It is crunchy, the roasted almonds reveal all their flavors
This delicacy is one of the thirteen desserts that we like to have on our table on Christmas Eve: black nougat, soft white nougat, quince paste, fruit in shell (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts), dried figs, raisins, oranges, dates, candied fruits and oil pump or even game. Some gourmands add calisson d’Aix

Why have you been loyal to Amalthea ?

I discovered Amalthea's natural cosmetics at the Made in France trade fair in Paris, 4 years ago. And since then, I can't live without it. The chance encounters and the exchange of common values ​​constitute the loyalty I have to this brand
Rich in pure ingredients that respect our skin, these cosmetics enhance each feature and offer a sensory experience imbued with softness. Silky textures and delicate fragrances delight the senses to create perfect harmony for evening and morning routines, between well-being and aesthetics
A very very good mention for | Huile de prune - Plum oil | and | Crème hydratante riche - rich day cream| for the face, the benefits of which constitute my daily routine for soft, healthy-looking skin, supplemented by a Japanese massage technique and you obtain fabulous results
The refill program is a great innovation that respects the environment. I congratulate you on these beautiful products. Good luck to the whole Amalthea team

Fruidoraix website: www.fruidoraix.com

Photos taken by Fruidoraix

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