There are two types of UV, UVA and UVB

Until the 2000s, scientists believed that only UVB was responsible for skin cancer. Therefore the sun protection factor (SPF) on sunscreens is only related to UVB

UVB tans our skin but has a shorter wavelength than UVA. UVA rays are also responsible for skin cancer and aging. It is thus really important to protect ourselves from UVA

The European Union recommends to sunscreen producers to have | a minimum protection ratio of 1/3 against UVA |. For example, SPF30 sunscreen means protection of 30 against UVB and a minimum of 10 against UVA

In the US, there is | no such recommandation |. So you can have a SPF50 sunscreen but zero protection against UVA

Some brands communicate the level of protection against UVA on their packaging or on their website. I do advise you to carefully look at the level of protection against UVA when you choose your sunscreen

Also keep in mind that sunscreen is just one of the many ways we can protect ourselves from the sun

For our little ones, exposure to the sun during childhood is an important factor in the development of skin cancers at a later age. The European Union | recommends not exposing babies and young children |

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