Our values



An easy beauty routine that fits to each skin type: three skincare products, one body product, no more

Bottle sizes are adapted to each one's needs in order to offer the greatest freshness: travel size, home size (2-4 month use)

Bottle size easy to refill

Number of ingredients limited to the maximum per formula: only the essential

Each ingredient is chosen with care for its properties: no unnecessary ingredient



Only safe ingredients, of natural origin, with no harmful risks (cancer, cellular level change, organ system toxicity, reproductive toxicity)

No allergens

No perfume

No essential oils (too many allergens, harmful risks for some of them)

Less than 0.5% preservatives (0% in our vegetable oils, our cleansing oil and our shower oil)

Use of the preservative couple (potassium sodium and sodium benzoate) with the lowest risk

Products tested on sensitive skin by a dermatologist

Crème hydratante légère is EWG VERIFIED™. EWG assess the ingredients based on data in toxicity and regulatory databases, government and health agency assessments and the open scientific literature

Only bottles, limiting bacterial risks, no products in jars

All our bottles are in glass and refillable

Minimum packaging: leaflet around the top of the bottle in paper, cardboard protections



Cosmos Organic Certification by Ecocert

Only natural products

Raw materials tracking, responsible agriculture with no pesticide


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