In order to better meet your needs,
we have developed subscriptions

The principle 

We create, with you, the most appropriate Amalthea beauty routine for your skin and your need. Every two months, we renew your products (by mail or in store, sterilization and bottles refill) and adjust if necessary your routine. Indeed, your skin evolves with the seasons, the changes in your life rythme, and with time.

The payment is made every two months, at your beauty routine renewal. And it's without any commitment!

For any one year subscription, we will be happy to offer you all your products in travel size to avoid any interruption of your beauty routine.

By the way if you haven't finished your bottles after two months, don't worry! We can postpone your beauty routine renewal at your convenience. You can also use it as a credit to buy or offer any product

Our bottles are made of glass and can therefore break. If you break your bottle, don't worry, we offer you one bottle a year

If you have any question, we would be happy to answer you either by email at or by phone at + 33 1 70 23 75 35

How does it work? 

  1. I define my skin type | here |
  2. I choose my routine: | skincare | or | skincare & bodycare |
  3. I choose my bottle accessories
  4. I choose my type of subscription: 6 months or 1 year-without commitment!
  5. I'm delivered for free (anywhere in the world) to my home
  6. Every 2-4 months we make an update with you to validate the renewal of your beauty routine and adjust if necessary
  7. Your beauty routine renewal is done like every | refill |. If you live in Paris, you also have the bike courier option for your refill included in your subscription

Your benefits

| Better monitoring of your needs

| Simple payment by direct debit

| Easy order - an email is enough to place an order and arrange transportation when you cannot come to the store

| Free delivery costs - free bicycle courier in Paris and nearby suburbs, express delivery in point service in France and Europe, standard shipping worldwide

| Gifts - when you subscribe, we offer you your moments in travel size. Every €1,000 spent, you get a gift. The first gift is a free travel size

| Detailed monitoring in your dedicated interface

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