Our refillable amenities for hospitality

Clean, Organic & Refillable Amenities for hotels

Our vision

Since 2018, Amalthea has been innovating with cosmetics safe for us & the Nature. We are thrilled to present you our environmentally friendly products line dedicated to hotels and restaurants which are looking for a true sustainable amenities solution

In refillable glass bottles with an elegant design, you benefit from quality products that will please all your clients

All our ingredients are safe and natural. Our products are organic certified, vegan and made in France. Their texture, scent and effectiveness win over the most demanding clients

Screen printing offers easier maintenance and allows the bottle to remain intact over time. We therefore have no bottle label, improving our impact on the environment

We have also a personalization service for the bottle and the perfume in order to create a unique proposition aligned with your brand

Looking forward to discussing with you

Maryll & Alexandre - Amadeus, founders

Alexandre - Amadeus | Co-founder
+33 1 70 23 75 35

Our ingredients

We only select safe and natural ingredients

Our Sweet Almond oil is organic, grown in France and cold-pressed in France. The Chamomilla and Lemon Verbena flower waters are organic, grown and distilled in France, Orange flower water in Morocco

Our glycerin is organic and deeply hydrates the skin

Our products

Body Cleanser - Orange Blossom

Hair Cleanser - Chamomilla

Hand Cleanser

Body & Hand Lotion

Hair conditioner

Clean, Organic & Refillable Amenities for hotels

How the refill works

All our bottles are in glass and refillable

Our refill system, labeled by Solar Impulse, has been existing since 2018. It guarantees security to our customers and great simplicity for your teams

Once the bottle is empty, you just need to replace it

If you are in Paris, a bike courier will come to take the empty bottles and bring you filled ones. Otherwise a transporter will come. Your team will only have to put back the empty bottles in the original packaging

Once we receive your bottles, we clean, sterilize and refill them in our laboratory boutique in Paris. We also change the pump

Our refill system eradicates microbacterial risks and decreases CO2 emissions by +90% over 5 years

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