Our story

Amalthea is my moment for one's own. I couldn't continue in a job in finance that didn't make sense to me. I needed to find myself again, to align my personal values ​​with my work: sharing, well-being, trust

The cosmetics industry has always left me puzzled. It made me believe that beauty is the eternal youth, without wrinkles or blemishes. And in order to achieve this goal, no other issue than applying eight to ten products per day on your face, made with ingredients whose degree of harmfulness - as little as one is suspicious - is confirmed every day by the scientific studies. And what about the packaging waste of this industry which is the third most polluting one?

Based on my convictions, I launched, in October 2018, Amalthea, a brand that defends simplicity, security and Nature. Alexandre - Amadeus, my brother, joined me few weeks later. Since then we have been writing this story together

Maryll | maryll@amalthea.bio

Our manifesto

Amalthea, named after Zeus nurturing mother, is a return to the roots.
This is also a celebration of abundance, of nature's resources.
Amalthea is finally a revolution, the future of cosmetics

We create simple, safe and organic moments to match the daily needs of your skin and hair. Amalthea beauty routine fits your skin type and has four moments: three for the face, one for the body, no more. We have also one moment for hair. We believe in cosmetics by skin type, non-gendered. Our products are for everyone

For sustainability purposes, all our bottles are in glass and refillable

Since October 2018, you can discover Amalthea in our Parisian boutique at 39 rue des Gravilliers, and here online where you can discover | the Amalthea experience in video |. You can refill your products in our boutique or by mail

In order to meet your needs, we have also subscriptions. We create, with you, the most appropriate beauty routine for your skin and your needs. When you need it (every two-three months generally), we renew your products (by mail or in our boutique, sterilize and refill your bottles) and adjust if necessary your beauty routine. Indeed, your skin changes with the seasons, the life paces, years passing. For any one-year subscription, we are happy to offer you your routine in travel size to avoid any interruption

Simple, our beauty routine

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