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Accessory of the moment « under the stars »
Moment « body and soul »
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Our vision

The beauty routine has been developed to answer to your skin needs. Simple, the routine has three moments for skincare (one in the morning, two in the evening) and one moment for bodycare

Moment Amalthea Moment « at dawn »

The light hydrating cream is perfect for low hydration skin needs, in the morning, while protecting your skin against pollution

Light hydrating cream - texture Cleansing water - texture Rose Hip oil - texture Sweet Almond oil - texture Rich body lotion - texture Body lotion - texture Light body lotion - texture
Beauty routine: combination to oily & mature skin

Moment Amalthea Moment « between dusk and dawn »

Before you go to bed, the cleansing water removes impurities and makeup while respecting the balance of your skin

Moment Amalthea Moment « under the stars »

In the evening after cleansing, the Rose Hip oil activates and heals your skin. With a high concentration in linoleic and alpha-linolenic acids, the oil softens and blooms your skin. It helps you treat eczema and acne

Moment « body and soul »

After your shower, your body needs to be hydrated. We offer you to discover the Sweet Almond oil and one of our body lotions. The Sweet Almond Oil is recommended for very dry to normal skin. Thanks to the Lemon Verbena flower water, the body lotions help refining your skin. The rich body lotion is recommended for dry skin, the body lotion for normal skin, and the light body lotion for low hydration needs


Jayes - May 2019

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