Skincare routine

Accessory of the moment « under the stars »
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Our vision

The skincare routine has been developed to answer to your skin needs. Simple, the routine has three moments: one in the morning, two in the evening, no more. You can bring your skincare routine with you everywhere thanks its travel size

Moment Amalthea Moment « at dawn »

The light hydrating cream is perfect for low hydration skin needs, in the morning, while protecting your skin against pollution

Light hydrating cream - texture Cleansing water - texture Rose Hip oil - texture
Skincare routine subscription: combination to oily & mature skin | Amalthea

Moment Amalthea Moment « between dusk and dawn »

Before you go to bed, the cleansing water removes impurities and makeup while respecting the balance of your skin

Moment Amalthea Moment « under the stars »

In the evening after cleansing, the Rose Hip oil activates and heals your skin. With a high concentration in linoleic and alpha-linolenic acids, the oil softens and blooms your skin. It helps you treat eczema and acne

« I'm not overthinking anymore. The 3 products are perfect for me. My skin is perfect now »

Nadine - June 2019

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