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Skincare routine

Moment Amalthea Moment « at dawn »

The hydrating cream meets your skin's hydration needs, in the morning, while protecting your skin against pollution

Moment Amalthea Moment « between dusk and dawn »

Before you go to bed, you can choose between cleansing oil and cleansing water. Cleansing oil gently removes impurities and makeup, while improving the condition of your skin thanks to the properties of Plum and Sweet Almond oils. It is richer than cleansing water which is more suitable for skin with combination concerns

Hydrating cream - texture Cleansing oil - texture Cleansing water - texture Hibiscus oil - texture
Skincare routine: normal & mature skin | Amalthea

Moment Amalthea Moment « under the stars »

In the evening after cleansing, the Hibiscus oil activates and heals your skin. The Hibiscus oil is a powerful natural antioxidant that protects your cell membranes from external aggression. It also helps you treat eczema

« My skin loves it »

Isabelle - May 2019

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