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Marine Constantieux | Naturopathe

Amalthea is foremost an encounter with you, the Amalthea family. Therefore I am happy to inaugurate this series of portraits with Marine who has been a family member since February 2019

When I met her, Marine told me her passion for natural ingredients, her love for simplicity and her desire to align her work with her values. She has successfully done it. Since few months, | Marine | is officially naturopath

She tells us all about her eating habits, her change in life and why she is still loyal to Amalthea. Please find below our discussion

What led you to take an interest in what you eat, to better understand your body?

Food has always been at the heart of my questions and a real passion. My mother cooked a lot and we went to the market every Sunday, this anchored habits from childhood and gave me this sensitivity to good, seasonal and organic produce. Yet my diet has not always been balanced and appeased. When I was younger, I went through periods of eating disorders and I explored different approaches that were more or less beneficial for my body: vegetarianism, veganism, protein diet, fasting and various cures... Naturopathy gave me a base of knowledge and a framework, to better understand how my body works and listen to my feelings


With experience, I tend towards a lifestyle closer to my needs, towards a more intuitive and lively diet. I discovered treasures of vital energy like fermented foods and sprouted seeds. I can't do without them now! I also eat a lot more diverse and I love discovering new flavors. Curiosity and play are values ​​that I try to convey to my clients because I find that there is a lot of pressure on what we are supposed to consume for our well-being. Putting common sense and treat back in the plate seems crucial to me

What motivated you to change jobs ? Was there any trigger?

It was a set of small realizations with the feeling of not being totally comfortable, of being out of step with my way of life. I was already paying attention to the formulas I applied to my skin, the life cycle of a product and the resources used. I worked for large industrial groups, particularly in luxury cosmetics, but despite their influence and attractive development opportunities, I couldn't find myself there anymore. One day in 2019, I am having a coffee to discuss a future position and my interlocutor asks me “what is your dream job? ". And I couldn't answer! I was speechless. This question has been bothering me for days. From there the idea of ​​a career shift germinated in my mind. Naturopathy came gradually, first to take care of myself and small health concerns. Then I realized that I absolutely loved everything about this job

What is your favorite seasonal food?

It's so difficult to answer this question, I like everything and especially vegetables and fruits! In recent days there has not been a single meal without tomatoes, those of my primeur are to die for. Each season nature offers us wonderful ingredients and in the summer I enjoy cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, artichokes, peaches, apricots and figs

Why do you stay loyal to Amalthea?

I have been loyal to the brand since its inception because I have a deep respect for its approach and its commitment. It is a human, conscious and committed project in perfect resonance with what drives me. Amalthea's high standards and transparency inspire confidence in me, I know that I am using good ingredients for my skin. Treatments that are part of my routine: light cleansing oil, moisturizing cream, rich body lotion and Rose Hip oil, which remains the best I have ever tried. Finally, I love going to the boutique to refill my bottles. It's part of my habits in the same way that I do my shopping in local shops

Website: www.essene-naturopathie.com

Photos by Mathilde Lagarrigue and Marine Constantieux

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